C and H Precision Weapons visit and Florida Hog Hunt

On March 7 I have the wonderful task of featuring two former Marines, Buck Holly and Dave Clark, who had built a very successful weapons business down in Florida called C&H Precision Weapons. They make ridiculously accurate rifles in just about any size, shape or caliber your heart desires, and I’ll be featuring their handiwork for Tactical-Life.com.

But wait there’s more! As if shooting precision rifles built by former Marines wasn’t cool enough, we’re also going to help Florida rid itself of a few pesky hogs as well.

Here’s some background on the two men via their website:

“Dave retired in 2013 from the United States Marine Corps after 26 years of service as a 2111 (Small Arms Technician), 2112 (Precision Weapons Technician) and 2181(Senior Ground Ordnance Maintenance Chief).  Dave is formerly the NCOIC of the famed USMC PWS (Precision Weapon Section) at Quantico, Va.”

Buck is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and currently serves as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) on weapons, optics, fire control and ammo to the DoD as a Science and Technology Advisor and also serves as a Law Enforcement Officer.”

Look for more updates as we get closer to the story both here on this website and through Facebook, Twitter and Tactical-Life.com.


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