Meopta MeoPro 6x42mm

meopta 6xI grew up in a time when using a variable-power rifle scope was a gamble optically. The engineering and technology needed to make a far more versatile 3-9×40 rifle scope as crisp and clear as a fixed 4x, or 6x for that matter, was still, to embrace the cliche, hit or miss.

Nowadays, even the most stingy wallet can buy and use a variable-powered rifle scope which is at least good enough both optically and mechanically, and as a result the popularity of the simple fixed-power rifle scope has waned. Sure, you’ll find them on older rifles being bought and sold for pure nostalgia but as Americans we love having choices especially at our fingertips.

You know, a few manufacturers still make fixed-power rifle scopes. A few grey-haired hunters and quite a few snipers might know why. I have my own suspicions and they were all recently validated when I had the opportunity to use Meopta’s MeoPro 6x fixed-power rifle scope20160319_130925_resized

Who is Meopta? Meopta Sports Optics, is an international optics company with offices in Prerov, Czech Republic, and a North American presence, Meopta U.S.A., Inc., headquarters in Long Island, New York. What is now Meopta actually began in 1933 as Optikotechna Company when it was established in Prerov by two Czechs, businessman Ing. Alois Benes and physics professor Dr. Alois Mazurek. In 1946 after surviving Nazi occupation,  Optikotechna was renamed Meopta, national enterprise. By the 1990’s Meopta was an optical player globally.

The MeoPro 6x rifle scope was used to test my eccentric CZ 550 Exclusive Ebony Edition chambered in the mild-shooting 7x64mm, which is pretty much the .280 Remington with a German accent. The 1-inch tubed rifle scope, built from aircraft-grade aluminum, was well-constructed and its fit and finish was superb. 20160319_130333_resized

I easily sighted in the rifle with three shots since the rifle scope and its rings fit and functioned perfectly.Once the rifle was zeroed I walked my rifle’s bullet impact around my target both clockwise and counterclockwise to test the mechanics of the adjustments in the turrets. The rifle painted the target, which was placed at 100 yards, like Josef Lada, marching the 162-grain Hornady bullets in step with precision clicks.

Optically, I had no measuring equipment to gauge light transmission but I can say this emphatically: The Meopta MeoPro 6x42mm rifle scope has the best contrast I have ever witnessed in a rifle scope, and I honestly can’t remember looking through a brighter optic, and most certainly not doing so with an optic under $1000, fixed or variable. Why does contrast matter? Well, it’s because contrast is the ability of the optic to accurately transmit the difference between light and dark.

As a hunter, which is the primary reason I use rifles, I need my optics to help me see more clearly, more distinctly and simply better than I can with my own eyes. Simply magnifying an image is far from enough for me on a hunt. I need to be able to see detail, which resides in an optics resolution, and I need to be able to separate light and dark objects especially in subtle amounts like what I might encounter when I spot a black bear at 200 yards against a dark forest treeline at dusk. Contrast is why I took note of the Meopta 6×42 rifle scope.It is superb at making distant objects separate from their surroundings, and as a hunter it is crucial to my success. This rifle scope was fitted with the ultra fast game-finding #4 German reticle. You can get the MeoPro 6x42mm rifle scope in the Meopta ZPLex, German #1 or German #4 reticle, by the way. All of their rifle scopes are shockproof, waterproof and fogproof.

20160319_130410_resizedNow, why a fixed-powered rifle scope? Simple. No, that’s the answer. They’re simple. I have noticed I always begin my hunts with my variable-powered rifle scopes on their lowest power. Typically, I have found that I usually shoot my game on that same lowest power during the hunt. Maybe it’s because I don’t like fooling with my sights? Maybe it’s because I get hyperfocused and forget that I can zoom my magnification? A simple, constant fixed-power optic certainly is easier on the eyes  over the long haul. I think maybe it’s because I like the idea of having one less decision I need to make during the heat of a pull-the-trigger moment. Rifle scopes in a 4x or even a 6x or 8x or 10x fixed power simply give the shooter a clear, crisp, constant image to make a life-of-death decision on a game animal. Sure, today’s variable-powered optics can and do give me superb image quality, but for me, using a fixed power is one way I say to myself, keep it simple stupid.

So, I do just that, and simply put – to me, no one does fixed optics more clearly than the folks at Meopta.

For more information about the MeoPro 6x42mm rifle scope, or any of their many other different kinds of optics, visit Meopta online.


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